Every individual and business has different accounting needs, and we are here for any and every financial need. Plan Of Business Accounting Services and Seminars provides customised tax planning and financial consulting goods.


We Make Your Business Our Business

Acccounting Services

  • Update book-keeping of single and duplicate books

  • Monitoring & editing of daily - weekly and monthly cash flows - Drafting a quarterly report (& depending on the subject of the company)

  • Monthly notification of business obligations via e-mail (payments, tax obligations)

  • Organization and supervision of company accounting and assessment of their existing accounting systems.

  • Design, Implementation and Development of Financial Reporting Reports (MIS Reporting)

  • Warehouse organization

  • Implementation of internal control systems

  • Apply - adjust accounting plans, exclusively to your needs

  • Preparation of Financial Statements.

  • Implementation and Implementation of Costing Systems

  • Ability to reorganize accounting with modern IT systems

  • Drafting of Financial Statements at the end of the financial year

  • Processing of all transactions with the State (Tax Offices, Insurance Organizations, Prefectures and Chambers)

  • Preparation of Budget and Financial Statements

  • Drafting of Board of Directors and General Meetings

  • End-of-Use Work, Closing, Balance Sheet, Publication, as well as Submission to the relevant Services